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The film Utakata Shojo is a work of visual beauty that unfolds in beautiful and mysterious images throughout the entire film. It depicts a mysterious atmosphere bordering between reality and sentiment.

The most striking feature of this film is that it is a silent film.

We hope to appeal directly to the hearts of those who see it, not through words,

which are convenient yet troublesome, but through the unique method of expression found only in visual images.


Utakata Shojo aims to expand overseas. We will convey our thoughts and

feelings to the viewers overseas without the filter of translation.

This work is also a collaboration of up-and-coming creators from a variety of genres.

By working seriously together with a variety of creators such as spatial decoration designers,

dress designers, and makeup artists, we will expand our range of expression in visual images to create an attractive, world-class work.  


It was the girl with the red umbrella who helped me out of the suffocating lifein which I felt like I was drowning.
Aoi is born and raised in a wealthy family that people are jealous of. A beautiful and kind mother, a gentle and reliable father, and a cheerful and good-natured me.  Aoi is spending her days in a suffocating life, unconsciously playing the role given to her. Then, Tsubaki appears in front of Aoi. Through Tsubaki, Aoi finds peace of mind for the first time.  

Aoi and Tsubaki are childhood friends.  For the pure and reserved Aoi,

the innocent and free-spirited Tsubaki is her idol. It is always Tsubaki who helps Aoi out of her cramped world.  Aoi eventually grows up.

One day, Tsubaki suddenly appears without her previous notice, holding a goldfish bowl.

 It is the beginning of their life at home together. Their days are filled with happiness, as if they have returned to their childhood. They are deeply connected to each other from either side. However, Tsubaki has a secret that Aoi does not know.  

After a while, Tsubaki suddenly disappears from Aoi’s life.

In order to regain the irreplaceable presence of Tsubaki,

Aoi jumps out of the world—where she is trapped—for the first time.    

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Aya Sakura / Childhood:Emina Arai)


A girl who grows up in a wealthy family but believes that being a good girl is the only way to be loved by her parents, and desperately tries to act like she is. She lives in a world where she is trapped and not allowed to have a will of her own.    


Mado Karasumori / Childhood:Yuriko Takayamasho)


Aoi’s childhood friend. Aoi admires Tsubaki, who is free-spirited and has a mysterious charm, and she is like a hero to Aoi. However, she has a secret that she cannot tell Aoi.



Gaku Hisajima)

He has a mysterious charm that moistens Tsubaki’s thirsty heart and keeps her attracted to him. He is like a magician, a clown, and a mysterious person that no one knows who he is.



The project is underway as a collaboration between first-time female director Miho Nishibata and playApart, a film production team formed by a group of actors.

Director/film editor
Miho Nishibata

スクリーンショット 2022-03-01 10.44.40.png

She has been immersed in the field of video production since her school days, and now works extensively as a director and editor for TV commercials, corporate videos, and other video advertisements.  She captures images from her own unique perspective, utilizing her feminine sensibilities.  In her mind, expression is a footprint of her life and breathing.

This time, she decided to take on a big challenge to produce Utakata Shojo, her first attempt at directing a film.  

Production Team 

アセット 1_2x.png

playApart is a film production team made up of actors. Thanks to their intimate knowledge of actors’ perspectives, they are able to create films with greater purity.

Koduru Noriko


She made her screenwriting debut in 2009 with Shirayuri Brothers’ Handsome Dining.  Her representative works include the drama Ueno-san of A Love Hotel (seasons 1 and 2), the film Ao Oni, and the stage play Bijin Zei (original story, script, and direction). She participated in this work in support of Miho Nishibata’s challenge to expression. She sought to verbalize Nishibata’s imagination and express it in invisible language.    

Shotaro Sakai


He has been active as a child actor in TV dramas, commercials and movies since he was a child. After taking a break from acting, he switched to the production side. He has experience in stage and video production, and is active as a director, producer, and cameraman. In 2018, he founded playApart with the concept of “actors themselves doing video production” to work as a producer and director. In 2019, he established PLACEproduction Inc. He is expanding his business so that he can produce videos more freely and more widely.

Theme song: halation,



- Trailer (English ver) -

ネストされたシーケンス 03.00_00_05_10_edited.jpg


Aya Sakura  Mado Karasumori
Gaku Hisajima  Emina Arai  Yuriko Takayamasho

Screenwriter:Noriko Koduru  Director/film editor:Miho Nishibata

Production:playApart|Producer/assistant director:Shotaro Sakai
Camera operator:Ikuma Horii,Shunsuke Uchida|Gaffer:Toshinari Yanagi|Sound recordist:Yuta Mizushima
Art director:ito, Misaki Mikawa| VFX:Terushige Watanabe
Costumer:Yui Ando|Hair stylist/makeup artist:Niko Aikawa |Doress designer:UDAKYO
Second assistant director:Joya|Production manager:Hikaru Harada|Third assistant director:Satoshi Obata
Assistant camera:Shotaro Shigaki|Assistant art director:Kei Kojima,Saaya Ochiai
Third assistant director:Yu Kawakami,Taishu Kodama|Production coordinator:Masataka Hashizume
Production assistant:Yuki Yasumoto, Ayaka Watanabe, Yuki Iwasaki|Acting coach:Masahiro Saito
Making-of video creator:Jo Terauchi,Nanami Matsumura,Kazuki Uchida Atsumi Hanzawa
Photographer:Akihiro Saeki|Illustrator:Chihiro Yamanaka|Storyboard artist:Yuta Kimura,Koto Ichida
Theme song: halation, sung by Nayugoro, written by Seiya Tajima, produced/arranged by Shotaro Shigaki
Sound mixer/mastering engineer:Eigaku Oba

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