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Tsukurite Film





言葉では表現しきれない、 技術と向き合う人の想いを、日本の職人の力を音と映像で伝える映像プロジェクト。

職人の一つ一つの所作、 その場の空気、その全てが世界を作ります。



有償で5分〜7分程度の映像を制作させていただきます。ものを作り出す職人さんだけでなく、 料理人、神司、美容師など、どんな職業の方でも、この世界観で想いを紡がせていただきます。PV用、CM、SNSリール用など さまざまな用途に使用できます。お任せコース98,000円〜制作させていただいております。





 ※京都府以外交通費別途 撮影時間は10-20分程度と短い時間での撮影となります。

Audience’s Emotions “Moved”

Film as “Culmination of Human Endeavor”  


What is Tsukurite Film?

It is a film project that will convey determination of Japanese artisans focused on creative technologies, through not just words but also sounds and visuals. Every subtle move of the artisans, combined with atmosphere on the spot, all will create a world. 

For clients  We will produce 5-minute to 7-minute videos with a fee for you. Not just for so-called craftsmen, but also cooks, Shinto monks, beauty specialists and other professionals we will “weave” your innermost hopes with this world view, for PV, CM or SNS reels, etc., with a fee of 98,000 yen or higher per one video.    For prospective casts  We are now recruiting actors and actresses for 5-second to 15-second short reels (with just 1-3 scenes) to be provided for free (as trials).

* If you are living outside Kyoto area, traveling costs will be shoulder by us. Shooting itself will just take 10-20 minutes.   

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