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 Miho Nishibata

Born on January 15, 1994 in Fukui, Japan /

Lives in Kanagawa, Japan / Based in Japan and France

I has been immersed in the field of film and video production since my school days, and is currently working as a film director and director of promotional videos such as TV commercials and corporate films.  My film Utakata Shojo is scheduled to be released in 2023.  

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About Nishibata Film Office

We are a film and video production office headed by video director Miho Nishibata. We provide total services from planning and structuring to filming and editing of videos and photographs, valuing a feminine sensibility to create beautiful images that resonate with all viewers.  We are active mainly in the Tokyo and Kanagawa area.    

About my expression

The reason why I have been making video works since I was a student is my passion for expression.  

Expression is to me part of my life, equivalent to leaving footprints behind and to breathing.

 I made the silent short film Utakata Shojo as an attempt of such my expression.  

The film Utakata Shojo is scheduled to be released in 2023.

 I feel as if the medium of Miho Nishibata exists within myself and I am expressing myself through that medium.

One person said to me when he saw my works.

“Miho Nishibata is a very talented artist.  She depicts murky boundaries without any defined lines.

 Many artists tend to express their sadness and cruelty beautifully with loneliness at the root of their heart, while I feel that although there are glimpses of a certain cruelty also in her works, they are fantastical and rooted in a transparent charm that is not artist-like in a good sense, such as fun and brightness.”

Through my works, people can feel and tell me things that I myself don’t understand.

I am also fascinated by this aspect of expressing myself.  


 In the future, I would like to do various kinds of expression without being confined to the framework of video.  









2020 - 2022


Born in Fukui Prefecture.

I was in charge of photography and slideshow production as a staff member of my last school festival in high school, where I first came into serious contact with images and was impressed by the power of images to move people’s hearts; this experience awakened her to the field of film and video production.

Entered a university in Kanazawa to study film and video making.

Directed my first film as a director for my graduation project;  Produced a film depicting a boy who loses sight of the boundary between myself and others.  

Joined a video production company in the Kansai region.

Held my first solo exhibition Yume no mani mani. Made my first radio appearance. Performed on stage for the first time.

Moved to Tokyo and started Nishibata Film Ofiice.

Directed the short film Utakata Shojo and aimed to promote it overseas.

My short film Utakata Shojo has won 20 awards at film festivals around the world 



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